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CHL ( Chhyangdi Hydropower Ltd. )

As of Mar 19, 2020
1.19 %
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Bid Price
96 ( 357 )
Ask Price
97 ( 20 )
Market Capitalization
रू 22.41 करोड
Outstanding Shares
Book Value
Stock P/E
Dividend ( 2075/2076 )
5.26 %
Industrial PE
Industrial EPS
52 Weeks High-Low
103 - 74
Lifetime High-Low
323 - 75
180 Day Average Price
Classic Tech Red Label
Name chg % Market cap
BARUN 3.66 % रू 21.69 करोड
DHPL 0.00 % रू 13.46 करोड
KKHC 0.00 % रू 25.15 करोड
NHDL 1.71 % रू 29.9 करोड
RADHI 1.74 % रू 82.87 करोड
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Condensed Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

This Quarter
75/76 - 2nd Quarter
Previous Quarter
Corresponding Previous Year Quarter
Cash and cash equivalent n/a n/a
Due from Nepal Rastra Bank n/a n/a
Placement with Bank and Financial Institutions n/a n/a
Derivative Financial Instruments n/a n/a
Other Trading Assets n/a n/a
Loan and advances to B/Fis n/a n/a
Loan and advances to Customers n/a n/a
Investment Securities n/a n/a
Current Tax Assets n/a n/a
Investment in Subsidiaries n/a n/a
Investment in Associates n/a n/a
Investment Property n/a n/a
Property and Equipment n/a n/a
Goodwill and Intangible assets n/a n/a
Deferred Tax Assets n/a n/a
Other Assets n/a n/a
Total Assets n/a n/a
Due to bank and Financial Institutions n/a n/a
Due to Nepal Rastra Bank n/a n/a
Derivative Financial Instrument n/a n/a
Deposit from Customers n/a n/a
Borrowings n/a n/a
Current Tax Liabilities n/a n/a
Provisions n/a n/a
Deferred Tax Liabilities n/a n/a
Other Liabilities n/a n/a
Debt securities issued n/a n/a
Subordinated Liabilities n/a n/a
Total Liabilities 529,803,528 n/a n/a
Total Liabilities 529,803,528 n/a n/a
Share Capital 270,000,000 n/a n/a
Share Premium n/a n/a
Retained Earnings n/a n/a
Reserves n/a n/a
Total equity attributable to equity holders n/a n/a
Non-controlling interest n/a n/a
Total Equity n/a n/a
Total Liabilities and Equity n/a n/a

Condensed Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss

Particular This Quarter Previous Quarter Corresponding Previous Year Quarter
Interest Income n/a n/a
Interest Expense n/a n/a
Net interest Income n/a n/a
Fees and Commission Income n/a n/a
Fees and Commission Expense n/a n/a
Net fee and commission income n/a n/a
Net interest, fee and commission income n/a n/a
Net Trading income n/a n/a
Other Operating Income n/a n/a
Total Operating Income n/a n/a
Impairment charge/(reversal) for loans and other losses n/a n/a
Net Operating Income n/a n/a
Loans and Other Losses n/a n/a
Operating Expenses
Personal Expense n/a n/a
Other Operating Expense n/a n/a
Depreciation and Amortization n/a n/a
Operating Profit 27,067,802 n/a n/a
Non operating Income n/a n/a
Non operating expenses n/a n/a
Profit before Income Tax n/a n/a
Income tax Expenses
   Current Tax n/a n/a
   Deferred Tax n/a n/a
Profit/(loss) for the period n/a n/a

Condensed Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income

This Quarter
75/76 - 2nd Quarter
Previous Quarter
Corresponding Previous Year Quarter
Profit/(loss) for the period n/a n/a
Other Comprehensive Income n/a n/a
Total Comprehensive Income n/a n/a
Basic Earning per share 4 n/a n/a
Diluted Earning per share n/a n/a
Profit attributable to:
   Equity holders of the Bank n/a n/a
   Non-controlling interests n/a n/a
Total n/a n/a
Statement of Distributable Profit and Loss
Net Profit for the Quarter ended n/a n/a
1. Appropriations
1.1 Profit required to be appropriated to statutory reserve
a. General Reserve n/a n/a
b. Capital Redemption Reserve n/a n/a
c. Exchange Fluctuation Fund n/a n/a
d. Corporate Social Responsibility Fund n/a n/a
e. Employees Training Fund n/a n/a
f. Other n/a n/a
1.2 Profit required to be transferred to Regulatory Reserve
a. Transfer to Regulatory Reserve n/a n/a
b. Transfer from Regulator Reserve n/a n/a
Net Profit for quarter end available for distribution n/a n/a

Ratios as per NRB Directives

This Quarter
75/76 - 2nd Quarter
Previous Quarter
Corresponding Previous Year Quarter
Capital fund to RWA n/a n/a
Non-Performing Loan (NPL) to Total loan n/a n/a
Total Loan Loss provision to Total NPL n/a n/a
Cost of Funds n/a n/a
Credit to Deposit Ratio n/a n/a
Base Rate n/a n/a
Interest Rate Spread n/a n/a
Net Interest income to total income n/a n/a
Non Interest Income to Operating Cost n/a n/a
Interest Expenses to Interest Income n/a n/a
Shareholder's Equity n/a n/a
Number of Outstanding Share n/a n/a
Net Worth Per Share 106 n/a n/a
Earning Per share (EPS Annualized) 4 n/a n/a
PE Ratio 27 n/a n/a
Price to Book Ratio n/a n/a
Return on Equity (Closing Annualized) n/a n/a
Return on Asset n/a n/a
Market Price High-Low n/a n/a
Companies LTP Intraday 5D % 1M % 3M % YTD % 1Y % Trend
NHDL 115 --- --- --- --- 2.68 ---
Fiscal Year Bonus Share Cash Dividend Total Dividend Bonus Dist. Date Right Share Right Dist. Date
1 2075/2076 5 % 0.26 % 5.26 % -- -- --
Company Information
Registered Office
Head Office Location : Gairidhara
Email :
Phone : 01-4426483
Website :
Registered At :
Share Registrar ( RTS )
Name : Global IME Capital Limited
Phone : 977-01-4222460
Address : Rastriya Naach Ghar, Jamal, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Website :
Name Designation
L.B.Thapa Chief Executive Officer
Rameshwor Thapa Chairman
Amar Nath Shrestha Director
Uday Kumar Piya Director
Ashok Budhathoki Director
Prabal Sharma Director
Tina Rajbhandari Director
Kushan Pradhan Independent Director
About Company

Chhyangdi Hydropower Ltd.

Chhyangdi Hydropower Private Limited was incorporated as a private limited on 2064/05/16 BS and later converted into the public’s company as Chhyangdi Hydropower Limited on 2071/03/30. The main objective of the company is optimum use of water to generate hydropower electricity which ultimately fulfills the demand of electricity of the country optimum use of water resources to generate the hydro energy is the main objective.